March 2009

AKC Legislator of the Year 2009

AKC Legislator of the Year 2009

San Antonio Kennel Club was honored on Saturday, March 13, 2010, to recognize the winner of the first American Kennel Club Hold award for Legislator of the Year 2009.

Texas Representative, Edmund Kuempel from Seguin was nominated for this national award by Responsible Pet Owners Alliance for his crucial role throughout the 2009 Texas Legislative session as Chairman of the Texas House Committee on Licensing and Regulation to amend and ultimately defeat House Bill 3180, that was designed to end breeding of all dogs and cats under the guise of targeting so-called puppy mills.

Representative Kuempel was presented a plaque and a check for $1000 from AKC and a plaque from RPOA by Ms. Lynnie Bunten. Representative Kuempel donated the $1000 to the rescue fund of RPOA before he presented the Best in Show Trophy at the 100th Anniversary of the San Antonio Kennel Club.